Another Week, Another Lesson: Investing In Your Team

Erin and I have an amazing team of people working with us at KoMedia, and Dream, Girl. I remember the first day I put out the submission for intern applications for KoMedia last November, and how nervous and 'imposter-ey' I felt that night, but I stayed the course, and I am so beyond happy I did.

The first two women I interviewed blew me away. 

Diana is our passionate Calgarian with a fierce love for stories with soul, for feminism, and for learning the ropes even with no previous experience in a specific area. For example, we have her diving into CRM systems and revenue intake right now to build out our distribution/client inflow for screenings. This was not on the job description and is something she wasn't trained to know, but she's taking it on without hesitation and I LOVE that!

Last week on Friday, Erin and I had a call with Diana and we knew the time had come to ramp her up. We have so much work on the go, and need her attention 100%. She's also been craving the opportunity to make Dream, Girl her full-time work. So, after we hung up with her, we talked it through and called her back just as she was heading out on a hike for the long weekend.

"Diana, we want to bring you on full-time. Is that something you're interested in?..."

What proceeded was filled with tears, laughs, and a general sigh of expansion letting us know we had made the right call. There's so much upcoming with our global tour, and handling self-distribution, payment processing, and so much more with the film, and D is the one to do it.


I knew from the moment she walked into my home office that day last December that this woman was going to be in my life for a long time, and I am so proud she is my first full-time employee. She is a woman to be watched, and a woman on fire, and I can't wait for you all to see her incredible work in action.

Next up is Kylie. 

Kylie came over today as I was packing for my weekend in Toronto and San Francisco. I meant to make it into the office and wasn't able to so asked her to come by to catch up.

The last time I saw Kylie in-person was a month ago. This is why I love Kylie. She's such a self starter, and that is critical when working with me. I generally have a lot on the go and appreciate working with people who can identify what needs to get done, stay on schedule with their deliverables, touch base consistently on work via e-mail, and who I get to touch base with in-person to ensure that personally they are growing in our journey together.

I could tell something was off today when she came in. Turns out she had an interview later in the day for a full-time position with an organization she wasn't over the moon about. In that moment I knew I had to throw down for her.

I racked my brain about how we could help her transition out of her current part-time work and find something more fulfilling and in-line with her passions as a freelancer and burgeoning writer.

I immediately made a few intros online to get her on the radar for some great part-time work with some bomb-ass ladies, and we built out her role with KoMedia/Dream, Girl to be more robust and to hopefully eventually lead to full-time work. This includes finishing up her work on our 20-part web series launching in a few weeks, and helping manage me and Erin as we dive into book writing, alongside creating a sellable PDF of best-practices for folks looking to start a Kickstarter.

She left glowing, and I rewrote a section of her resume for her just now to amp up the volume on this next phase of her life (note that she's looking for new writing clients right now:

This is the shit that gets me going!

I love helping amplify the lives of the people around me, and in this case the people I'm working with.

Spending time together, taking time to really listen to their needs and then not holding back on making it happen - that's true service and presence in my book.

Kylie was working on transcribing some content from an interview I gave for the film for us a week ago and sent the following e-mail that just made my heart smile, and helped me remember that what we are doing is right and good:

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 6.06.27 PM.png

A big part of being a founder is being a solid early manager. We've absolutely had our missteps, but what I hope is consistent throughout is that each person we work with feels uplifted in some way by our work together, and that they feel like they've been heard.

A couple months ago, I spoke to Diana and had a sense that something was off. Instead of avoiding, we dove right in.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 6.52.34 PM.png

She wasn't feeling great working from home. It was so insular, and so isolated and considering she was already working remotely from us, something needed to change.

That day, I wrote one of the women who invested in the film, and who has been an angel for us since day one. I asked if she had an extra cubicle in her office that Diana could hotdesk on a few times a week, and she came back to me offering Diana her own cubicle and keys to the office.

You never know if you don't ask.

So today I wanted to write this both in reflection of the shift in my energy of bringing people on board, from feeling 100% like an imposter to feeling more and more in control and powerful each day. I also wanted to write it to everyone on our team, today I spoke about Kylie and Diana, but we honour and cherish each of you and are so beyond grateful for the contributions you continue to make everyday to our mission and this cause.

As a managing team, Erin and I know we're only as good as those we're surrounded by, and the calibre and quality of our team puts warmth in our hearts and power into our mission. Take the time to care for your team and the investment will come back tenfold, I promise. 

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