It's Time to Give all of the F*cks. Welcome to the Millennial Election.

Welcome to the millennial election.

Election season is in full swing in Canada and the US. Our generation has often been labelled as the generation that does not care, but I do care, deeply, so let’s talk about it.

Tonight’s leaders debate in Canada was great. So much real talk, I had braingasms left, right, and centre. Do I have a leader I am fully supportive of? I am a longtime Liberal for so many reasons that have little to do with real logic, and have been supporting Justin Trudeau since his bid for leadership, but to be honest, I am staying as open as possible (his support of Bill C-51 hurt my brain as well).

I am supportive of the energy sector, Mitch and I have been chatting with a few people while in Calgary the past few days whose companies are laying off thousands. There’s no cry for support for the sector, for support of these families. 

When Ontario manufacturing and automotive jobs were being cut, it’s all we could talk about and see on the news (lest we forget what all these vehicles run on). This sector is critical to our country’s future. And the companies involved actually do care about the environment - Canadian environmental regulations are some of the toughest in the world, companies have to care, let's help them get even better. 

I loved seeing Elizabeth May in action, thank you Justin Trudeau for pushing for her inclusion because she was definitely a sole source of reason so many times tonight. Being an underdog for so many years, alongside having President Bill Clinton write her letter of support for law school (legit, she’s a total boss) has resulted in so much reason, logic, and real leadership. I am not Green, but this lady is ON FIRE.

I am sick and tired of hearing about how young people don’t care about politics and how young people will not vote. Did you know if young people don’t vote in their first two elections after reaching the age of 18, the likelihood of them voting at all in their lifetime decreases by over 50% (fact check me on this Ilona, because I heard it from you!)… THAT’S EFFED.

Voter suppression has absolutely been a tactic of the Harper government. Look at the recent policies employed around voting processes. This shit is crazy. LET’S TALK ABOUT IT.

I am someone who wants my voice to matter. I know a lot of people my age who want the same. SO MAKE IT MATTER!

Streaming the debate on YouTube whilst driving across Alberta.

Streaming the debate on YouTube whilst driving across Alberta.

We listened to the Leaders Debate while on the highway, streaming YouTube, sitting on the edge of our seats. Tune in. Get informed. Speak up. 

We literally are the future of this country. OWN THAT. I am moving to the States soon, in time to see the first female President of the USA. That ish is bananas. We are at a very critical point in history, so let's mobilize and use it as best as possible. 

So, tonight, and in the coming 11 weeks (literally the longest campaign in history), I implore you dear friends to really start caring. Engage on social media, tune in to the leaders' debates (if they happen), attend party events (each party does provide free food usually ;-)), have a curiosity for what issues matter to you, find out where your voting station is, make an informed choice, talk about the election with friends, do not feeling intimidated by feeling uninformed, and just start giving an eff.

Also, how awesome that this election will have the most use of technology ever, Facebook sent a representative in between segments, VICE had a contributor to the conversation after, this really is a millennial election!

From the economy, to the state of the energy sector, to the fact that our generation will not have the security of pensions, to the idiocy of Bill-C51, to our role in the Middle East, and contributions to the war against ISIL, it really is time to have all the f*cks to give.

Sorry Ma for all the profanities.


- Komal 

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