The Most Vulnerable Moments of Our Day

There is a sweetness to the first waking moments of our day. For most of my life I never noticed the slow, thoughtless, warm stretch of awakening we get to experience every morning, until I read about how precious these moments can truly be in our lives.

Remember when your mom, dad, or sibling used to wake you up as a kid. Not the days when they were running late, but the lazy mornings where you'd get to cuddle, or feel the warmth of your mother's hand gently stroking your face. Do you remember a day or two in there when she used to smile and say, "Good morning my love, welcome to another beautiful day. I love you."

Baby Koko waking up from a nap.

Baby Koko waking up from a nap.

Those days were my favourite. I can still feel her warm touch on my face, and her kiss on my cheek.

Now, let's fast forward a couple dozen years. Alarm goes off. You're up like a lightening bolt. Checking your phone to see what the world sent your way in the few hours you were sleeping, instantly taking in a slew of energy you might not need. You take a shower, or don't. Have a coffee or don't. And that's the beginning of your day.

The latter defined a good 4-5 years of my life. Then I read this article on How To Start Your Day Like A Do Something Bitch (because, who doesn't want to start their day like a do something bitch), and one statement stuck out to me:

"The moment after you wake up is one of the most vulnerable times in your whole day. Start it off by thinking about yourself. You can’t make a difference in anyone else’s world unless you take care of you. So focus on you for a moment, not what other people are doing on social media (because we know it’s all a lie anyway). And don’t think about what other people are thinking about you. YOU think about YOU."

What. A. Gamechanger.

I am a good sleeper.

I am a good sleeper.

I've read and heard a lot about the morning routines of people I admire. They range from very simple 10-min meditations and their favourite coffee. To Tony Robbins' ice water dunk pool, and affirmation/meditation hybrid, exercise-filled two hour routine. What I'd never read was what happened in those first moments of consciousness, the moments that I've come to believe, can dictate your whole day.

I am really grateful for many of my mornings. Mitch usually gets up before me, and throughout his morning routine, he wraps me back in my blankets, covers the windows so it's even darker, and gives me kisses on my forehead to see if I'll wake up. If I do, he snuggles me, and tells me he loves me. We talk about our day, and he's off to work.

If I don't wake up while he's home, I usually wake up shortly after he's left, and I lay in bed for a few extra moments reminding myself of how much I am loved.

"Good morning beautiful lady. Today is going to be a great day, you're going to eat nourishing food, you're going to do great work that you love, and you are going to bring light to this world." 

I then recite my mantra that I picked up from The Big Leap, "I expand in abundance, love, success, and joy everyday as I inspire others to do the same." 

Sleep inspiration: My father

Sleep inspiration: My father

I then go to the bathroom, drink a lot of water and come back to bed to meditate for 10 mins or more. Then I grab my phone from the hallway (I don't sleep with my phone in the bedroom anymore) and get started on my workday.

Since starting to do this a few months ago, my days have shifted so much! I feel like I am nurturing myself in ways I didn't know possible. We are so often looking outward for love, when we can actually give ourselves so much of the love we yearn for. We are ultimately responsible for the energy we put out into the world and into the lives of those we love and spend the most time with, and I've found this habit helps me put my love for my life and world first.

It's a total game changer. Our vulnerability is precious and so powerful, and being aware of when our bodies themselves are most in need of love - those first few moments of our days - and serving ourselves love on a beautiful, gorgeous platter is an amazing gift we can give to ourselves.

This morning was a delicious one, Saturday - sacred. Alone, next to my window with so much light coming in, I told myself 'I love you'. Total bliss.

Give it a try tomorrow, and let me know how it goes!

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