Resolution! Make A Video Every Week in 2016!


I don't know about you, but 2016 already feels like a heck of a ride! This week I am finishing up packing up my house, and on Friday, I am officially (and now legally) living in New York City!

Last year was insanity, and having two weeks off to process it all was wonderful. From Cannes to California, and India to Grande Prairie, I learned so much about my self, and became an excellent traveller (eye mask is a non-negotiable), and businesswoman in 2015.

On December 31st, many of my favourite YouTubers posted videos of their year-in-review. One of my favourites, Casey Neistat, shared how he planned to invest even more time and energy into YouTube. The YouTube community, he's said, has uplifted his career and life to a place of impact he never thought imaginable.

Last year, I took a step back from editing content. I started writing more, and would dabble in videos occasionally, but this year, it's my goal to post one video a week, every Wednesday.

Whether it's simply me talking to camera about life, or answering questions you submit, or vlogging about an awesome trip or experience with Dream, Girl and the move, I want to bring you along for the ride and I want to get back to nourishing my creative soul.

So for this week, I sat down for a Q&A with my moms, Shaminder and Jasmer. I grew up in a conjoined Indian family meaning I lived with my parents, my brother, my aunt and uncle, and my two cousin sisters and cousin brother. It made for a very unique experience, and my mom and aunt (Tayee) made it all the more wonderful and odd.

Listen in as we talk about arranged marriages, having babies at 19, and what a mischievous kid I was growing up. I also had them play a game with me to see how well they knew each other, but for whatever reason, the camera stopped recording. My first fail of the year!

So join me on this added adventure, and let's see what happens! 

Much love,

- Koko 

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