Meet my wellness team!

I just got back from my first time in a gym in months! As I was leaving, I had the biggest grin plastered on my face. I couldn't help but smile! 

You guys... I had energy to move my body. We did a movement assessment, not a workout, but looking around the gym, and seeing what my trainer had built, and how like me she is in her ambition, drive, and passion, made me feel right at home. 

Meet Stephanie Karlovits - my movement expert

She really is this awesome!

She really is this awesome!

It's been a slow build as I've been working with Steph. Her best friend is my best friend's brother. So we're basically family. 

Steph and I connected at my first public keynote in Ottawa last year at Ladies Who Lunch. I was promoting Dream, Girl, and she suggested I stop by her gym, Epic Fitness + Lifestyle, for a workout. I loved her energy immediately. So assured, confident, and kind. We didn't get on a call until January of this year, but as soon as we dived in, I knew I found a soul sister.

She helped me define my health manifesto, and supported me in realizing how I was relating to food, and how I could shift that relationship. She helped me understand that listening to my body, resting, and moving gently was not weakness, but was in fact just honouring where I was at.

She sat with me on Skype and explained exactly what cancer was when I was diagnosed. She took the time to make sure both energetically, and scientifically, I understood why this was happening to my body. 

Her gym, Epic Fitness + Lifestyle is a sanctuary for excellence and growth. As soon as I walked in today, I was in love.

Most of my relationship with Steph has been online, so being in her temple today was so invigorating. To occupy the space where someone you trust, and have on your team is in their element and where they shine so bright is such a gift. Her power and strength in that space has enabled me to know that I am truly on my way back to being STRONG. To moving my body with power and confidence. To doing burpees to my heart's content, and to getting back to doing full push-ups. To holding myself upside down in a handstand for as long as I want. These are my dreams - to be strong, to be in a headspace to dream of doing a standing back tuck, to having fun with my dreams for my body! Because, why not? To also knowing that I am both in control and not in control of my wellness, and that's okay, because if I need to I will pivot and adjust according to my needs. It's not all or nothing as I once believed, but I get to choose what I want this to be like.

God, this feels so good to write. What a powerhouse to be working with! Also, she's climbing Machu Picchu soon, and is fundraising $5000 to do it, interested in supporting her? Click here!

Next up...

Meet Jumanah Beck - my nutritionist

1/2 of her cookbooks that are amazing!

1/2 of her cookbooks that are amazing!

I heard of Jumanah and EarthSuit Nutrition through a friend I met online, Courtney McCarthy. Courtney has been open and courageous in sharing her own wellness journey online, and I was inspired to find out how she found success. She worked with Jumanah, and sang her praises!

I was sad to realize I would have to wait a number of months to work with her - her waitlist was 3-months! So in December I booked my sessions from Feb-April and was pumped to begin with her.

Our first meeting was on Skype, and she immediately offered support and meaningful advice for my acne, fatigue, lethargy, bloating, and everything in-between. It took my cancer diagnosis to really commit to the meal plans I had coming in from Jumanah, but once I did, I felt so good! After ten days of consistent commitment to her treatment meal plan, I had never felt better - actually! 

I tape the weekly meal plans she sends to my wall in the kitchen, and I order in my groceries every Sunday on Instacart. I use my Sunday evenings for food prep, and the meals are so simple and fun to make! Cauliflower mash is an example - it tastes even better than mashes potatoes! I also rigged a black eyed pea curry that I love! I have fun with the cooking, and it makes me feel so powerful and strong to know I am healing my own body!

Jumanah noted my low testosterone levels, and my spike in estrogen before my periods that cause a huge amount of cramps, pain and acne for me. She supplemented me, and this month I had my first pain free period in my adult life. Through the food she's prescribing, she's confident my body will be able to do this on its own soon. I feel such a relief to know that.

Finally, she see's me - really sees me. She understands my lifestyle, she's an entrepreneur herself, and reminds me to be kind to myself. Perfection is a disease, she says. She prescribes laughter to help my adrenal glands which are taxed and may be cause so much of the disruptions in my body with high levels of cortisol and adrenaline leading to high stress and fatigue. Who doesn't want more laughter in life? And she's making it a part of my to-do list which is exactly how I work.

It feels so liberating to see my food truly as medicine. It enables making healthy, life-supporting choices so much easier. And as those of you who have been reading along for the past year know, this is a huge breakthrough for me.

Last, but not least...

Meet Braelin Thornton - my financial advisor

The first moment I met Braelin, I knew we had to work together. She is equal parts passion, excitement, vision, and genuine brilliance. She has found creative expression through brilliantly managing her client's financial portfolios and dreams. 

That first day, I told Braelin that I want to build my portfolio into the billions. She looked at me with a sparkle in her eye, and said, 'Great, let's do it'. 

You might be wondering why I am including Braelin in my wellness team, but for me, a healthy attitude towards our spending and financial dreams is critical to our overall physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Braelin helps me see my financial goals as part of my personal mission in this world. Through getting a handle on my good and bad spending habits and beliefs, I can amplify my impact tenfold. 

Money is so hard to discuss and be about, but it, at its core, is simply energy. We move it from one place to another, and the more positivity, joy, and excitement we bring to it, the more abundant and impactful we can become.

My go to example for this is often Oprah. She has built an empire on helping millions feel heard, seen, and supported. Without her financial abundance and belief in herself, so many of our lives would be so much more bleak.

Braelin understands my dreams, my goals, my passion for discipline and determination. She's helping me feel empowered with my spending choices as I face my diagnosis. I am an emotional spender at times, but being able to name and face my bad habits head on, and to not spend my power away is very liberating.

She's helped me see that investing in my health, and in the things that bring me genuine joy is so good for my soul! Investing in Steph, in Jumanah, in her, and in the rest of the team I want to eventually bring on is going to help me expand in my dreams and impact.

It takes a village to raise a child, but it also take a village to get you healthy, happy, and to walk confidently towards that vision you have of yourself.

My friend Julie Beun told me she gave the following advice to a group of aspiring entrepreneurs last week and it stuck with me: decide the vision of who you truly want to be, what you want to embody in your values, your morals, and your impact, and walk confidently towards her (that vision of yourself) everyday. 

I see who I am becoming, and who I want to be in this world, and everyday I am taking steps towards her. Confidently, and so fully supported.

This all comes from a willingness to want to be better (whatever that may mean for you), and to ask for help. We can't achieve our dreams and goals alone, so reach out, ask for help, find the ones who get you, and you'll soar.

So I'll ask: I'm on the lookout for a great executive coach, and myofascial release (MFR) therapist, alongside a powerful energy healer. If you know of any, let me know!

On a final note. I've had the best four days of my life this week. Through the simplicity of passion, work, friendship, family, and self-love.

Even with cancer the world is bright, and full. Make today awesome folks.

Go do some epic shit.