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Let's talk about money. 

How many of you cringed when you read that? For some, the topic of money causes a knee jerk reaction that leads to avoidance, and sometimes nausea. I want to help transform that feeling.

On Sunday, I stayed overnight with my business bestie Steph in a cottage in Wakefield an hour from where I live. I had been running all weekend. I worked all-day Saturday and needed a breather to regroup and give my brain a break. Steph is always the right person to do this with. Some heart-to-heart chats and games later, we got into the good (and once again, cerebral) stuff -- for us that topic is, how do we build our wealth in meaningful, but high-growth ways?

I've realized lately that this kind of conversation isn't one that's being had enough amongst young people, especially young women. I want to change that. Over the last few years, I have accumulated more wealth, and knowledge about investing, and I've personally invested in six companies. I am an investor -- it's time for me to talk more about it.

Last week I delivered my new keynote talk in Vermont about Redefining Wealth (scroll to 4:50 to see a clip). It's my mission to build and proliferate examples of more diverse, value-driven wealth holders who aren't sexual predators, white men, addicts, or assholes. I want to see more women who look like me, Joanne Wilson, Suzanne West, Oprah, Manjit Minhas, and countless others, coming to the forefront to give the world more positive, meaningful examples of what it means to be wealthy. 

We don't have to fear money. It holds so much potential for impact, love, service, and joy. As my coach Majeed said in our training last week, "Money flows to you because you're valuable, and flows through you to what you value. Ultimately, this makes you more valuable as you invest in yourself, and into things that will have a lasting impact and growth".

For me, my most recent investment is into a new Venture Capital fund out of NYC run by a woman I admire deeply, Lindsey Taylor Wood. The Helm is a VC fund that invests exclusively in high-growth female-led tech start-ups. There's a deeply rooted community aspect to the fund that is unique and meaningful for me as I keep learning more about investing. Check out their profile in Fast Company (+ a photo of me).

I am proud to be a founding member of this fund, and to support it's growth, and long-term impact. I am putting my money where my mouth is. It's time for more women to become investors. It's scary, it's strange, and for some, it's a space that makes no sense, but I'm here to share my experience to help educate and change the ratio

My call to action is to encourage everyone, whether you have $100 or $10,000 to explore what options exist for you to invest in something you love and that can provide a meaningful (read profit and service-related) return. Check out Wealth Simple as a starting point, they can help you build a portfolio in a few quick steps. Next, talk to people in your network or family about what investing could look like for you, and finish with finding your new favourite impact investor (female or otherwise) that you'll check-in on occasionally for inspiration.

Send me what you find at

Let's build our wealth together and provide more examples of positive wealth accumulation. 

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the vlog

Join me each week to see the behind-the-scenes action at KoMedia. This week, we head to Burlington, where I give a keynote at the Vermont Women's Fund's annual gathering! 

"It's great to see another woman up there who's doing something really meaningful using an amazing platform, like Oprah Winfrey, the White House. Someone who looks like me, who's saying things like 'get involved in business at the high school level', and to see that magnified in this way was really inspiring."
                                                                - Kiran, an audience member at the event!


we're writing...

Welcome to part six of the 20-part series we're publishing on Medium called, Your Moment of Ambition.

This week, we dive into the power of female investors, and why it's so important to have women sitting on both sides of the table. 

“We all want to change the world in different ways, and angel investing is one way you can put your time and money behind making the change you want to see in the world." - Katherine Hague

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Research shows we'll lose a vast number of jobs to technology over the next decade, but scary as this may seem, David Lee says it's an opportunity to change the way we think about work -- to create human-centred jobs that don't feel like work at all. 

"When you invite people to be more, they can amaze us with how much more they can be."

we're reading...

  • FastCompany wrote a really great piece that dives into what makes The Helm, the women-centric investment fund I shared about, different. Check out the third photo!

  • Investors are missing out on a huge opportunity in the beauty industry -- a classic example of (largely) male investors underestimating the purchasing power women hold.

  • This woman self-funded her trip to SPACE. Talk about investing in yourself.

  • Buzzfeed’s powerful call to readers to tell them who the Harvey Weinsteins of every industry are. We deeply believe in the power of media, and this kind of inquiry is step one in the effort to create a world where men don’t hold (and abuse) disproportionate power over women. Woody Allen calls this a “witch hunt atmosphere”; we call it progress (shout out to all the women sharing their stores, #metoo). Part of having more women investor's will be a shift in culture -- creating more accountability in spaces where sexual harassment and assault is rampant. 


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If you didn't read this week's Your Moment of Ambition you're missing out on the incredible Natalia Oberti Nogeura's Pipeline Angels -- an Angel Investing Bootcamp. Maybe you're the perfect fit for the fellowship!


Startup Day on The Hill

I'm joining hundreds of other entrepreneurs and changemakers for Startup Canada's Startup Day on the Hill on October 19th, where I'll be speaking about the power of redefining wealth.

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