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I am writing this at 1:50 am after coming home from having dollar pizza with Rupi, her family and friends, after her phenomenal book launch in NYC.

We descended on the Tribeca Performing Arts Center early this evening, and I was all nerves and starstruck. You see, on stage with Rupi were going to be five phenomenal women, one of whom was Lilly Singh, aka iiSuperwomanii, a woman I have admired from afar for years, and whose vlogs provided me massive comfort as I faced my battle with cancer last year. The nerves were partially my own, but most were actually excitement for what Rupi was about to do.

Rupi is a New York Times bestselling author -- she's been on the list for over a year. She has sold more than a million books, and is turning 25 tomorrow. Rupi is the epitome of elegance, pure determination and grit, business savvy, unbelievable talent, and so much love. 

I am blessed to witness her take the world by storm, and tonight she levelled up hard. Tonight, we witnessed her light beam through her words into the souls of the audience. Tears, laughter, total and complete connection took place. The Sun and Her Flowers, her second book, is finally here, and Rupi is just getting started.

So why is this relevant to our discussions this week about fear of failure? For me in this particular moment, it's a reminder that even when we think we are failing and bottoming out, the people we love and hold close to our hearts may be lifting us up out of our darkness without us even realizing it.

The front end of this year took me to a darkness I never could have expected. Some of the glitters of hope and light that came through when I was down, were the updates I would receive from Rakhi (Rupi's manager, an incredible director and media force, and a dear friend), and Rupi. Knowing she would be finishing and launching her book, watching her from afar as she embarked on her global tour -- all this gave me solace as I knew I could not do the work I longed to do at that time.

Her success raised me up.

So, although today we are reflecting on experiences with failure, I urge you to think about times when you thought you failed, and to shift that memory and gain a new perspective on that moment. Who around you helped raise you up, directly (like Rupi did for me), or inadvertently (like Lilly's vlogs did for me, which I had the privilege of telling her about tonight)? Remind yourself of the love in your life, and that the choices you make, specifically the media you consume, when you are low, is deeply connected to how you can and will rise.

This right here is why I make this newsletter. Why I've been called to curate content. I want to create for you what I wish I had more of when I was at my rock bottom. What I wish I had when I needed light more than anything else.

This is my gift to you.

Let me know how you're doing this week. Shoot me an email at, and I hope what follows below gives you the burst of something you need today.

Signing off until next Tuesday at 9 am,

With love,


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