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Here we are in Mexico. My family leaves tomorrow and I am in deep gratitude for the fact that we could spend this quality time together. 

Our first full-on family vacation in my adult life was last February (2016). Shortly after we arrived home, I was diagnosed with cancer, and thus began my unravelling. The thing about illnesses, trauma, and life in general, is that is doesn’t just happen to you, it also happens to everyone around you. So for me, this trip is a milestone. We all made it. We all supported each other through some epic highs, and painful lows. The last almost 20 months have held a lot of life for all of us, and my appreciation for us all being able to be here together, happy, healthy, and connected, is one of the greatest gifts I could ever have asked for.

The night before last, as we sat on the balcony of my brother’s room listening to the crashing waves, I looked at my family and made an acknowledgement aloud. “I’m so proud of us for our resilience,” I said. We fist-bumped one another, and smiled. 

I believe one of the most critical things we can do for each other is to acknowledge the depth and range of life lived. Often, we forget that everyone we meet and know is fighting their own battles. There is always so much going on under the surface. Letting someone know you see their struggle, that you acknowledge their courage, and the painful beauty of their life, can be the greatest act of kindness and connection you can offer.

It was my dream to really unplug on this holiday. To be present and immersed in whatever emotions, moments, and experiences arose. I’m proud to say I’ve done that. It hasn’t been easy, and this vacation hasn’t just been happy (although it has been truly truly truly amazing). There have been tears of release and awe. There have been mornings of self-doubt and sadness. There’s been anger. But what I knew coming into this trip was that it’s in the moments when we stop that our hearts and minds can finally breathe and release. The discomfort is part of the release, and often leads to so much joy — I’ve experienced this just in these past five days.

As we roll into the holiday season, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of parties, and presents. But also take a second (or a few days) to pause for you. To spend deep and powerful time with those you love, and to remind them that they matter, and that you see their life in all it’s messy brilliance.

I’m excited to take in the next 24-hours before my family leaves, and the next 48-hours before Mitch and I head home. We appreciate this pause (and all of you) so much.


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"Part of us wants more (money), and part of us feels guilty or greedy for wanting it. And like we're bad or somehow that makes us, I don't know, less spiritual, less soulful, less authentic, and I think that's total BS.” - Marie Forleo

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After a few months of travelling and event planning, Kylie and I are hunkering down to do the everyday work, and to plan for the impact we want to make in 2018. Stay tuned! 

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