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As I sit to write today's letter, it's 10 pm the Monday before I launch this newsletter. I thought we'd be able to have everything set to go by 5 pm, but alas, my optimistic timelines weren't quite on point. Even though it's late, and I'm so ready for bed, something feels incredibly grounding and reassuring about this moment. It could be that it's been about a decade in the making, or that it marks my official comeback to work and career that I've longed for since I stepped away from Dream, Girl and my life nine months ago after getting sick.

The reason that resonates the most with me right now, is that this newsletter -- this space I want to create and hold for each of you every week -- is the strongest commitment to my self I have ever made. In this moment, I am smiling ear to ear. I have the privilege of doing what I love on my own terms. 'What I love' is hosting, curating, and creating for an audience who believes in me. I want to deliver new original content alongside content from others that has changed how I think about and see the world. Being able to create this newsletter for you is such an incredible gift in my life.

So as with any gift, I can't wait for you to peel back the layers of wrapping and get to the good stuff. First, a huge thank you to Renira for the incredible design and help with my slow and steady rebrand. 

Scroll down for my first weekly vlog, and the launch of Your Moment of Ambition on Medium, brought to you by Kylie Adair of the KoMedia team. From there, get into all the things we're listening to, reading, and recommending. And don't forget to get your tickets (link down below) to my event with the New York Times bestselling poet, Rupi Kaur in Ottawa on November 12th.

Welcome to the first instalment of of Curated by Komal. Can't wait to land in your inbox every Tuesday! (You can subscribe here.) Also, I'd love to hear your feedback this week. If you feel compelled, shoot me an email with your thoughts about today's newsletter at

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the vlog

Join me each week to see the behind-the-scenes action at KoMedia. Here's a look at our first day in the office!


we're writing...

Welcome to part one of a 20-part series we're launching on Medium called, Your Moment of Ambition.

This week, we talk about the social factors behind the stats on the many thousands of women who are starting their own businesses. What exactly is driving them to dive into entrepreneurship? How have their motives changed in recent years?

Click here to check out this week’s post on Medium to find out!


we're listening to...

On my way to NYC this weekend, I turned on this podcast from Lewis Howes and planned to dose off. Instead, I was riveted by Dr. Michael Gervais, the sports psychologist working with the Seattle Seahawks, and many other world class athletes and leaders. His description of the concept of recovery in the realm of being a world class leader, and the belief that our limitlessness comes from compassion for the self, is so on point.

Listen to this conversation if you’re ready to take your mindset to the next level.


we're reading...


we recommend...

Checking out and applying for one of these 20 fully funded fellowships, curated by a friend of KoMedia, Shaaz Nasir.


The Sun and Her Flowers with Komal Minhas

Renowned feminist author, poet, multi-media artist and genuine international phenomenon, Rupi Kaur joins me in Ottawa for the launch of her second book, 'the sun and her flowers'.


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