Curated by Komal: The Power of Visualization and Amplifying Your Life



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This week, our word of inspiration is: visualization.

I’m sitting in an office today working on building the company of my dreams. A few months ago, I didn’t think this was going to be possible. When I was at the peak of my sickness, I didn’t believe I would be able to come back to work and to do what I love. I didn’t think I’d be able to take a stage again, or that I would be able to think of my career in the same was as I did in the past -- I thought my life had changed forever.

In the thick of my burnout and sickness, visualization and dreaming seemed like painful taunts of a life I wouldn’t be able to experience anymore. Dreaming of an imagined future goal or hope felt futile when I struggled so hard to merely wake-up (and not fall over) in the mornings. Yet, slowly, every single day, more and more light came into my life.

Consistently, over time, I went to the appointments I needed to, I managed business logistics to decrease my overall stress, I met with my mindset coach/therapist to overcome my depression, and I did what I didn’t think was possible. I healed.

A few weeks ago, something incredible started happening. I slowly began visualizing my future self living a normal life. I began seeing myself walk onto stages, I began imagining my commute into the city every day with Mitch and dropping him off and heading over to my office and seeing Kylie in the mornings, I began believing in what I once thought was impossible. 

That is the power of belief. That is the power of putting in the work and time to heal and rise. And that is the power that each of us hold to amplify our lives in whatever ways we deem and dream necessary. My life has indeed changed, I've become stronger and more resilient that I had ever thought I'd need to be.

So, what do you dream to achieve? We hope today’s newsletter can plant a few seeds as to how to ensure your visualizations become reality. With slow and steady progress, and a commitment to your personal growth, you will get there

We’re in this together.

This week’s instalment of Curated by Komal includes our weekly series, Her Business: Stories from the Frontlines of Modern Entrepreneurship. This week’s article explores the power of visualization and how to stay accountable to your dreams. What we want you to watch this week is Lena Waithe’s Emmy’s acceptance speech -- she dreamed of taking that stage as a black queer woman, and through her incredible writing of the Thanksgiving episode of Master of None, she made that dream a reality. From there dive into this week’s articles sourced by Kylie, and don’t forget to  get your tickets for my event with Rupi Kaur on November 12th at the Museum of History in Gatineau. We’re over halfway sold out (!!!), and I wouldn’t want you to miss it.

Let us know what you think of this week’s content. (Ps -- you can subscribe to the newsletter here.) What dreams are you wanting to bring to life, and what can we bring your way every week to help you get there? Email me at, I can’t wait to hear from you.

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the vlog

This week Mitch and I head to NYC, and I reflect on what it's like to return to the city I had to leave suddenly after getting sick. There's some major heart-to-heart action in this episode.


we're writing...

Welcome back for part two of a 20-part series we're publishing on Medium called, Your Moment of Ambition.

This week, we make the case for visualization as a tool for building a fulfilling life. We chat with experts and successful entrepreneurs to learn how putting your dreams out into the universe can manifest great things. 

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we're watching...

I was up late watching the  Emmy's last night, and may have shed a few tears because of the level of heart-opening diversity on that stage! At 27, seeing people with my skin colour on that stage winning these incredible awards made me realize, maybe I could do it too. We've been watching Lena Waithe’s Emmy acceptance speech, over and over, but did you also see her earlier Instagram post about visualizing herself at the Emmys as a kid, or how about Ava Duvernay's tweet about Lena's hustle?


we're reading...

  • This Medium piece, which we’re loving because the author describes visualization in a different way -- he calls it decision -- but also because he recognizes how non-negotiable self-care practices are, not only in the doing stage, but also in the dreaming and planning and “deciding” stages.
  • Hillary Clinton in conversation with America Ferrera, on what happens when what you dreamed for yourself (and for your country) doesn’t come to light.
  • This woman’s meditation on what it means to live her life authentically, regardless of the pressure that pervasive Western values have put on her identity.
  • A Dreamer’s account of what it feels like to be given the right to imagine a fulfilling life, only to have it abruptly and unkindly taken away five years later (a personal reflection on the DACA changes in the US).
  • Why the fall still feels like a time for planning and new beginnings, even when there’s no more "first day of school".

we recommend...

Applying to attend the Obama Foundation's Summit along with hundreds of other civic leaders in Chicago later this month. (Hoping to get my ish together an applying this week, maybe see you there! Also, I took this picture at my first Clinton Global Initiative, still blows my mind.)


The Sun and Her Flowers with Komal Minhas

Renowned feminist author, poet, multi-media artist and genuine international phenomenon, Rupi Kaur joins me in Ottawa for the launch of her second book, 'the sun and her flowers'.


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