Teen uprisings & women in cryptocurrency | What I'm Reading

The news for the past two weeks has been dominated by devastating testimony from students, teachers and parents affected by the Parkland shooting. But if there's one hopeful theme, it's that high school students are mobilizing, becoming the change that the US needs right now via the March For Our Lives. It's incredible to see the students not only using their voices, but being taken seriously by media, politicians and high-profile donors like Oprah and Amal and George Clooney. 

That and more in the pieces that inspired, infuriated and intrigued us this week: 

  • Buzzfeed's report from the headquarters of the Parkland teens who are working to put an end to mass shootings. “This isn’t easy for us, but it’s something I need to do.”
  • How women in cryptocurrency are upending the "Blockchain Bro" dominance --  because “otherwise the men are going to get all the wealth, again.”
  • The reality of driving while Black in Canada. "That I am an award-winning journalist didn't matter. That I co-host a national television show didn't matter. That I have lived in the neighbourhood for 13 years didn't matter. But being black mattered."
  • Where has Brendan Fraser been lately? Recovering from years of physical trauma, as it turns out. 

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