Ikigai: Is your work aligned with your purpose?

Have you ever had a job that can only be described as soul-sucking? One that, on paper, is a great opportunity and makes you objectively more successful, so you just can't figure out why you're unhappy? Or maybe you've been working hard on a passion project that you love, but you're starting to feel fatigued with the process? 

Enter: Ikigai, the Japanese concept that explains how to figure out our "reason for being." I deeply believe in the complicated, tedious yet totally worthwhile process of examining what our deepest passions are and aligning them with the work we do in the world. Turns out there's been a word for this process all along! 

Here's a graphic to help you understand the different ways your passion and purpose might be misaligned, so you can figure out how to fix the problem: 


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Komal MinhasComment