This week marked the 27th edition of Curated by Komal, and it came out on March 27th -- welcome to the Champagne Birthday edition of the newsletter! 

Consistency over time. This is the life-hack of the greats. One piece of work, art, writing, or film is rarely enough to satisfy both you and your audience.

When we came back to work back in September, I wasn't quite sure what we would create weekly. This newsletter has surpassed my plans, and expectations. With your help, this newsletter has become a place of commitment for me. A commitment to each of you, and commitment to myself and our mission of helping others realize their true potential.

Through showing up in your inboxes weekly, I've reminded myself of what I'm capable of, of what building routine can look like, and of how integral habit is in our progress in life, both personally and professionally.

This week, my friend and trainer Stephanie Karlovits of EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle shared a post discussing how important it is to decouple our self-worth and emotions from the parts of our lives we are trying to improve.

It's a reminder that as your building your new fitness routine, work or business routine, or as you're trying to let go of poor habits, the only metric for success is consistently showing up. It is key to decouple the emotion from the strategy.

Not going to the gym today isn't a reflection on how little you value yourself and your wellness. No. As Steph put it, "You don't show up because it's simply a habit not to." 

The more often you convince your brain to do that thing that you so want to implement in your life, the closer you will be to having broken the habit that's 'holding you back'. 

It doesn't come down to self-worth, it comes down to science (as Steph so eloquently put it). 

Decouple the emotion from strategy. Your self-worth is not linked to the outputs you create, and the outcomes you achieve.

This mantra has been critical in my professional and personal development this last few months. I am taking my ego out of the equation and giving my consistent action a chance to shine and build the momentum I need to keep improving.

I probably could have fit in a workout today, or could have worked that much more efficiently on projects. But the truth is, I am a forever work-in-progress and I am aways going to want to improve.

So how about I make this journey a little easier and stop beating myself up along the way.

Through having this space to share with you weekly, I've been able to do just that.

Thank you for letting me into your inbox every week.

Here's to 27 more editions.

Until next week, 


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