Beyonce's greatness & getting critical about power | What I'm reading & watching

Beyonce. At Coachella. ( what I'm watching this week.)

This week, I'm reading some fantastic and thought-provoking writing, and taking a trip down memory lane: 

  • In the next few weeks we're going to share some links from the Dream, Girl hype days. Here's a throwback to a fun interview I did with Brit + Co after our 2016 Dream, Girl premiere!
  • "How much power should a good person try to have? How much power can a single human tolerate, before the very possession of that power turns the person bad? How should good people think about power?"
  • An excerpt from The Year of Less, in which Cait Flanders questions whether retail therapy is true self care, or if it's just a quick fix that makes things worse in the long run. 
  • Unruly Bodies, Medium's new pop-up magazine that continues the conversation she started with Hunger, and examines our relationships to our bodies. 

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