Let your sisters raise you up!


This weekend my best friends helped me remember how loved I am, I'll never forget how they made me feel. 

The hardest part of being loved is actually letting others love you and show you love. I give in to fear at times, and convince myself that I am not worthy of another's generosity and kindness -- that I can give love fully, but am not worthy of fully receiving it myself.

This last weekend showed me the power of letting go, and allowing others to fully show up for me.

My soul sister Julie, and best friends all showed up for me in a way that I will always remember. It was my bachelorette weekend, and I was so afraid to be at the centre of this celebration, and to let the love in. As soon as I walked up to the cabin we were staying in, all my fear dropped away. I was embraced by 13 of my closest friends, and raised up by their love, connection, and passion for life.

What ensued was 48-hrs of powerful conversation, connection, dancing, love, new friendships, rest, and champagne. It was a gathering I will always remember and look to as a reference for the types of spaces and events I want to create in the world that facilitate real, meaningful connection.

Spaces where we can show up knowing no one, and leave with new soul mates. Spaces where everyone is willing to see one another, and uplift each other through listening, and love.

This weekend made me even more excited and proud for my next company, which I announced on my YouTube livestream last week, called the kaur. space. A community and cowork space for women (inspired by The Wing, and others like it), that will launch this fall online as a digital magazine, and next year with our forever home here in Ottawa.

This space will be my home for work, it will be a media incubator for up and coming creators, and it will be a space of solace for women and our allies to connect, build, work, and be together.

Our focus will be on work, wellness, and impact. With original articles, essays, videos, and podcasts coming out online weekly, and with classes, workshops and trainings offered in the physical space.

The kaur. space will house weekends like the one I just had and will be the home to the deepest of connection we all desire.

I can't wait to bring you along for the ride as we bring the space to life.

To follow our journey, join us on Instagram.

Until next week, 


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