Oprah Honoured by the Smithsonian & Anthony Bourdain's Allyship// What We're Reading & Watching



"How many people are alive who get exhibits?"

Watching Oprah walk through the exhibit that honours the impact she's made on American culture and beyond is breathtaking. Oprah's prolific ability to create space for other people's experiences has been a constant and this exhibit seems to have captured that essence so beautifully.

Anyone else already planning their trip to DC?



• Anthony Bourdain's loss is weighing heavily on many this week for countless reasons, one of which is the unwavering support he showed for women of the #metoo movement. He was a true ally. 

"Like many people in the past year, Bourdain watched as people close to him were accused of horrible deeds, but he never allowed his personal relationships to overshadow his principles."

• Extraordinary Routines founder Madeleine Dore spent a month starting every morning listening to a different commencement address, from one given by Toni Morrison to Will Ferrell. Here are the key lessons she learned. 

• Canadians really need to start acknowledging our country's history of slavery. 

• In North America, our relationship to emails is contentious, to say the least. Some are working on redefining it.


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