In Honour of Megan Scraper //Letter from Komal

The last seven months, I had the privilege of working with Megan Scraper to amplify my message online and to build my audience. Her, Alexey, and Ryker became some of my greatest champions and believed in me so fully.

We began working together after she lost her ‘life bag’, filled with her hard drives, and most important things back in December. She decided she wanted to turn a negative into a positive, and shared a post on Instagram asking her audience to reach out if they wanted a free one-on-one consult with her for Instagram growth.

I reached out on a whim and we clicked instantly.

Mindy, you are a queen, and your life force is unparalleled. You gave so much joy to so many, and your life will be honoured by so many. I promise to continue doing for others what you did for me — to believe in them fully and to go all in on their growth and success.

You are unforgettable. Rest In Peace, sweet one.