Family Separation at the US-Mexico Border & How to be present and productive // What we're reading & watching


This week, team Komal is taking over the newsletter for the summer, so that Komal can experience the calm before her wedding week! Don't worry, you'll still get your weekly dispatches from the depths of the internet, including whatever inspires, intrigues or infuriates us the most that particular week. 

And this week's links definitely represent a mix of those emotions. YouTuber Rowena Tsai's soothing voice teaches us how to stay present and productive, we're reading about the incredible comic Aparna Nancherla and what happens when #MeToo reaches the Church, and one woman's experience finally coming to the understanding that she doesn't need to be "fine" all the time. 

And of course, the reports from the US-Mexico border have us completely heartbroken, and looking for ways to help. 

We hope you come away from this week's newsletter feeling more informed and more inspired than you were when you opened it. And if you come across a piece of content that you think we should include in next week's newsletter, please feel free to send it over- we can be reached at

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Rowena Tsai is one of our favourite YouTubers for her sense of calm and commitment to self-care, and this video is no exception. 


• What happens when the Church is met with the #MeToo movement?

"'There’s a small group within the church that looks at a woman and says, ‘You need to submit,’' she said, quoting Ephesians 5:22: 'Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands, as you do to the Lord.' The passage is at the center of evangelical debates about the role of women. Miles’s ex-husband cited it in defense of his abuse."

• Here's how to help fight the Trump presidency's human rights-violating family separation at the US-Mexico border. 

• Actually, maybe we're not fine.

• We're loving this insightful profile of Aparna Nancherla. 

"If you told Aparna’s father, Ananth Nancherla, that his second daughter would some day make a living performing hilarious 30-minute monologues in front of hundreds of people, he would have said, “Keep dreaming.” A future in intergalactic space travel might have seemed more likely."

• We talk a lot about the power of knowing yourself, but this Scientific American piece argues there are at least 10 things we absolutely don't know about ourselves


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