My job is to tell my story on the internet and on stages around the world. It’s my job and I love it, but if I’m being completely honest, sometimes it’s terrifying.

My story of surviving cancer and a neurological illness, and then completely changing my life, has resonated with a lot of people who have been through similar experiences, and it’s been deeply rewarding to hear that.

But that only came after I did the work to allow myself to be vulnerable. First with myself, then with those around me, then with the world.

In today’s YouTube video, I’m sharing that process with you. If you have a story inside you that you know can make a difference in the lives of those around you, this video is where you start. I’m walking you through the baby steps it takes to prepare yourself to share the big stuff with the world, so that you can make the impact I know you’re born to make.

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