Red Table Talks & A DACA Recipient's Summer // What we're reading & watching

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If you're not watching Red Table Talk, where have you been?! The latest episode features Cesar Milan and his American Dream story. 


•  This writer took the most popular course in the history of Yale -- which teaches its students how to be happy -- so we don't have to. 

"This rewirement, though, involves a fundamental reassessment of what happiness is and how it works — not just how to achieve it but whether it’s something that we even 'achieve.' Because there’s excellent evidence that it is not."

• This DACA recipient was planning on taking summer courses at her university. Instead, she found herself on a plane, headed to the border to volunteer with an organization called the Border Angels. Her account of her time there so far is eye-opening and maddening, but inspiring. 

• Ashley C. Ford's profile of Tess Holliday:

"The enraging and obvious fact about concern trolls is that they are not actually concerned about your health at all. Nevertheless, the knee-jerk defense against a concern troll is to tell him that his concern is misplaced—actually, I’m healthy, thank you very much. But Holliday’s philosophy is to refuse to play along at all. Don’t treat it like concern, because it’s not. It’s abuse."

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