Last week we invited a small group together in Ottawa to launch our new event series, @kaur.conversations (follow us on Insta!). This inaugural dinner was a beautiful success! 

As I consider what it is I am meant to do with this next chapter in my life, I've recognized my own power to convene. Bringing people together from different walks of life with intentionality, purpose, and a shared desire for connection is something I have always done. From events we hosted in university, to dinner parties with friends and strangers over the years, I've always loved getting into the soul of the matter over delicious food with the open hearts who are willing to partake with me.

So when Sahaj Kohli reached out to me to cohost an event or workshop together in Ottawa, it's no wonder I decided we should host a dinner party focused on conversation with an intimate group of people.

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As we dove into the format for the night, we landed on a theme that was so relevant for both of us... Transitions. Sahaj recently began a year of travel and work after her lease ended for her NYC apartment, and for me, I've felt like this last two years have been a perpetual transition.

With our beautiful guests we dove heart first into the transitions that we all were facing or faced. What they asked of us, how we showed up for them, and what we learned or were learning.

As adult women, it can be hard to break out of routine and the expected in our lives. To build meaningful relationships with new people can be difficult with few spaces to do so. The women who came together last Monday came so ready to go deep with the complete strangers that surrounded the table with them. Connections were made that will last for a long time.

This is what I want to do more of. To create more spaces for. This was our first kaur. conversations event, and I am stoked for the many more that are to come ahead (in cities all over the world). 

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One major commitment to myself in this new journey and business is to take my time. We are going to open our co-work and community space, we are going to launch our digital magazine and community, launch more live events, our merch store and even a podcast, but I am going to take my sweet time to do it all. Waiting on the right time, space, and energy to honour our commitment to work, wellness, and impact across the brands we build is critical this time around.

More on all of this as it unfolds.

On a personal note, the day following the dinner, I received the devastating news that my best friend's brother had passed suddenly from natural causes overnight. We all broke. This past weekend was so hard -- saying goodbye to him and being present with my friend and her family fully while we all grieved together.

Life comes at us hard and fast at times. It can throw us the most confusing, heartbreaking, nonsensical shit. There's not really a silver lining here. I'm in process with all that's happened. But what I do know is that how I felt last Monday with these 12 women gathered around that dinner table showing up so fully, helped prepare me for what came. I share this because it's what made writing this newsletter more difficult than I thought it would be. It's what made remembering the power of that night that much sweeter.

I hope you're all having a beautiful week. Be gentle, be kind, be generous. 

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