How to Plan a Multicultural Wedding (AND STAY TRUE TO YOU!)

Planning a wedding that involves more than one culture and set of traditions can be really tricky to navigate. Mitch and I are so glad we embarked on this process intentionally and in a way that felt really special, both for us as a couple, and for our families.

It’s important to have really thoughtful conversations with your partner, your families, and yourself through journaling and reflection, about what’s non-negotiable to include in your ceremony. What’s most meaningful to you as a couple? What parts of the ceremony are going to be gifts to your families and the people celebrating your love with you?

In my new video, I’m walking you through how Mitch and I navigated this process, from sitting down to have the initial planning conversation to choosing our officiant. Whether you’re planning a wedding right now or you’re just curious about how this process went for me, check out my new video!

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