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Last night I landed in Vancouver and my mom’s flight was cancelled. We were supposed to meet at the airport, grab a rental car, and head to my aunt’s house in Surrey, but instead, I grabbed a hotel downtown and had a much needed heart-to-heart with one of my best friends and bridesmaids, Zahra. 

Sometimes all we need is a little time with, and help from our friends. 

I find that early January is always a hard part of the year for me. It marks the anniversary of significant losses in my life and it was exactly a year ago that my optic neuritis hit and we were forced to move from Brooklyn back to Ottawa. This year our family also faced a few very tough and tragic situations that have brought us closer together, but that have asked a lot of us emotionally. What I’m most proud of is our individual willingness to show up for one another and to ask for help when we need it.

It’s not something we’ve always been good at, but seeing the actions of the ones I love the past few weeks reminded me that I need to do the same for myself.

So last night I did just that. As soon as I landed I called Z and asked if we could rendezvous. What ensued was a much needed, much enjoyed time of connection. Zahra knows me in and out, and there were a few moments where she told me just what I needed to hear, and encouraged me in knowing that what I am doing and pursuing are indeed right.

At times I feel like I’m in an echo-chamber when it comes to work and my goals and next steps. With Dream, Girl, Erin and I had the joy of having each other — a cofounder to go through the highs and lows with, and to brainstorm and scheme with. When you’re building a vision, that sounding board from someone equally invested in the process and outcomes as you are, is a massive help. Now, I am steering this ship alone, and that is equal parts intimidating, wonder-inducing, freeing, and hard. So having friends who can mirror for me the progress I’m making, and that validate that I am on the right track is hugely helpful.

Sometimes we forget that we can ask the ones we love for help, validation, and to remind us of who we really are. But that’s why we choose the communities we do — to lift us up through the good and bad, to show up relentlessly, and to give us the love we need, and to be recipients of the love we want to share in the world.

Today, I am in deep gratitude to my friends and my family. When you really think about it, what a blessing it is to have a chosen community to do life with. What a privilege it is to show up for people fully, and have it reciprocated in your own times of need.

I encourage you today to reach out to someone you love who you may need to hear from, or who may need to hear from you. I have a feeling it will make your day that much better.

With love,

- Komal

PS: This week on the vlog I talk about wedding planning after surviving a severe illness or trauma, check it out and share with someone you think may need it. It’s a unique but not so uncommon experience that can take people by surprise. I hope this video helps someone in a similar situation feel seen.

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