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I have noticed a trend emerging the last few weeks... Sunday/Monday roll around, and I question whether I'll make a vlog for the newsletter that week. Then inevitably, whether it's late in the day, or I've taken the decision to have a gap week, I still make the video.

At times, I have this illusion that the greater my audience, the more accountable I will feel to create, post, and share. The issue with that idea is that it makes me believe I need to wait for something better to do what I know I'm meant to do -- to speak, to create media, and to share. There's a part of me kicks in just in time and reminds me that only through consistency will I make the impact I dream of, and only through consistency will I get better at my craft, and only through consistency will I be able to serve the audience I do have -- all of you.

Whether these musings, vlogs, lists of articles, and Instagram posts ever see more than a couple hundred eyes is starting to matter less and less each week. You see, I'm committed to creating for myself. For that part of me that needs to be heard, seen, understood, and expressed. For my younger self who wishes she had a corner of the world (now internet) where she could just let go. 

That's what this newsletter, and these nooks in the internet I'm creating are -- my personal sanctuary to just be me.

I'm writing this as a reminder that no amount of eyeballs, external demands, or expectations will ever matter more than your internal drive and desire to create. Last September, I hit an inflection point where the pain and regret of not creating surpassed the judgement I held towards myself for wanting to create. Everything we make out of KoMedia is a direct reflection of all that is within me that needs to come out.

So yah, I'm letting go of the excuses that make these videos such last minute affairs, and am committing to myself and all of you to put a little extra love into these vlog episodes so I can continue being proud of the content we create for you: our incredible audience.

Now I want to throw a question to you -- what do you wish you were creating for yourself and your work on a daily? How can you go about starting to do that? Let me know if you want to, in a quick reply back (

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the vlog

This week I'm in Alberta with family getting a solid chunk of wedding planning complete. I also put out my back, but feel more positive than ever -- this unlikely combo led to a reflective episode about why I chose speaking, and content creation as a career path. Enjoy!


we're writing...

Welcome to another instalment of Your Moment of Ambition, the series exploring what it means to be a female entrepreneur today, written by KoMedia staff writer Kylie Adair.

This week, we're talking self-sabotage. We get into the uncomfortable reality that women are prone to sabotaging their own success (often without even realizing it!) and the social factors that have conditioned us to do so. Also, this week's episode features an interview with yours truly! 

Click here to check out this week’s post!

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we're listening to...

Oprah Winfrey's SuperSoul Conversation with the one and only Maya Angelou. So many beautiful, meaningful, heartfelt stories packed into 30 minutes, and its only part one of the interview!

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we're reading...

  • A year since the women's march, a record number of women are running for office in the United States. This week, we're reading their stories.
  • In a groundbreaking move, the chief executive of a major investment firm is letting founders know his company's support is dependent on their ability to not only make money, but to contribute meaningfully to society. 
  • There is a reckoning taking place at USA gymnastics. Here is the incredible testimony from Olympian Ali Raisman against serial abuser and former head doctor, Larry Nassar, and here's a bit about why former head coach John Geddert was suspended this week. 
  • The 30-year-old founder who just announced a $40 million funding round and is changing the face of success in Silicon Valley. 
  • The ways in which Oprah already runs the world, presidential candidate or not. 
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we recommend...

Applying to work for the New York Times's new platform for students, The Edit, a newsletter for students. They're looking for fresh, new voices -- that could be you!  

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