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It's time to start saying no. Well, it's time for me to start saying no. Last week I was feeling so depleted. With a lot of travel, a number of hard personal/family moments, and a few other things compounded, I was done.

I had planned to go to Asheville, NC for an incredible Sikh women's retreat next week with my dear friends Valarie and Jasvir, but something inside me was crying out for me to stay put. So I listened.

The ladies completely understood -- they are like my sisters and reminded me that my saying no and cancelling is actually a revolutionary act for my self. I cancelled another appearance and event I planned to attend in NYC and I felt so relieved.

No is my dear friend right now. No is creating space for me do what I love, to make time for the foundational things I know are going to take my life and work to the next level. No is giving me sanity. 

Many people struggle with finding time for what they need/love/ACTUALLY want to be doing. The answer is easy to say and hard to do: just say no to more things. It's taken me the better part of six years of working to learn this. You see, saying yes is what got me into the incredible events I've been to, the amazing moments that have transformed my life. 

But there's a season for everything, and my season of always saying YES is over. My yeses moving forward will be mindful. Intentional. Soul-filling. My yeses are going to start to mean something again.

No is clearing the space in my life for what matters for me most. Right now, that's creating excellent content, being is a nurturing daily routine, and giving myself the time of day I deserve.

What will 'No' do for you?

Let me know with a quick reply,

With love,


PS: We are launching a new written series soon called The Truth About Self-Care, where we get real about how the concept of self-care has evolved into something that no longer serves us.

Before brands began using #selfcare to sell us stuff and before the term brought to mind images of almost exclusively affluent white women, Audre Lorde was forging a new path for us to radically and wholly love ourselves, even if it wasn't always easy or comfortable to do so. We've decided to be part of correcting the course and start finding our way back to that path. Stay tuned for part one coming at you in the next few weeks, right here in the newsletter!

the weekly youtube series

Building off of this week's letter, I share why saying NO is key to success and building the life and career you want.

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It's the last instalment of Your Moment of Ambition! This week, we're wrapping up the series by asking ourselves what the way forward for female founders is. What can we all do to make sure that important contributions to business and society are being made by the people who look, think, and live like us, too?

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P.S. Get ready for a brand-new series on a brand-new topic coming your way soon! 

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In honour of Jay Z not winning any Grammys (not that we're bitter about it), we're re-watching his conversation with Dean Baquet for the New York Times. 

"I don't play for the trend, I play forever." 

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Applying to work for the New York Times's new platform --- The Edit, a newsletter for students. They're looking for fresh, new voices -- that could be you. The application process closes this Friday! 

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