A new look & choosing calm in life.

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Now, into the good stuff.

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I want to reflect on choosing calm.

You see, I grew up in the midst of a lot of daily chaos. With 10 or more people in our household at any given time, calm was something I never understood. As those of you who have been around for a while know, I've actively chosen to streamline and bring calm to my life these last few months. And I have to say, at times it can make a person like me feel antsy.

Breaking the tendency one can have towards disorder and unrelenting commotion takes significant effort. It can often feel impossible because as soon as calm sets in, the mind searches for reasons to be stressed, to assert chaos once more. But what I wonder is this: If I were to sit through this discomfort and not give into the thoughts that want to make life uneasy again, can I truly find contentment on the other side?

The child in me who lusted after calm and 'normalcy' really hopes so. With my days much more still, I see room for habits emerging, it feels like a natural progression now versus the mournful longing it once used to be. I would lust after enough sleep, I would lust after a consistent food and work-out schedule, I would lust after a life outside of my perceived victimhood.

My reality now is that I have indeed chosen that longed for ideal. My only issue is truly accepting it as my own. Through writing this I'm reminding my self that I am worthy of a whole, loving, full life. This does not mean there will be an absence of hardships, trauma, and pain (alas, the first weeks of this year proved otherwise for us), but rather, that we are grounded more deeply than ever, and are more equipped in our resilience and rooting, to face the turmoil as it comes.

I guess what I'm realizing is that calm and peace are choices we make daily, if not moment to moment. Our responsibility is to create the conditions where these choices are actually possible. To build that muscle for contentment -- to actively choose to level out the rollercoaster.

I'll keep practicing everyday, in hopes of having this habit stick for life.

Here's to cultivating whatever habit you most desire. 

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If you didn't catch it last week, I'd love for you to watch this video about the rollercoaster that was my last two years. It took a long time to get this video out of me, and I'm really proud of the final product. The response online has been immense with it being viewed over 35,000 times on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram!

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We're sharing another of our favourite instalments of Your Moment of Ambition today, this time all about the complicated, important topic of money, namely the ways that women engage in conversations around money. 

“Part of us wants more (money), and part of us feels guilty or greedy for wanting it. And like we're bad or somehow that makes us, I don't know, less spiritual, less soulful, less authentic, and I think that's total BS." - Marie Forleo

Click here to read the article! 

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Mindy Kaling's Super Soul interview with Oprah, and how her on-screen romantic life on The Mindy Project was revolutionary and transformative. 

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  • One New Yorker columnist is asking, "What does it mean to be a friend and neighbor in a country thick with guns?"
  • Why Donald Trump's suggestion that we all be on high alert for mental illness in those around us is more complicated than it seems, and why focusing on mental illness alone won't eradicate mass shootings in America. 
  • Our friend Prasanna saw an advanced screening of Black Panther and had several on-point thoughts about it. 
  • Viola Davis is asking Hollywood why, if she's the "black Meryl Streep," she's not paid accordingly. 
  • What happens when a farm in small-town Virginia puts up a sign that says, "Resist white supremacy"? 
  • My fiance Mitch has been obsessed with this long read that poses the question: What if China is the first to make extraterrestrial contact? 
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