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GUYS! I feel a little bit insane. Kylie and I did a seven week check-in with one of our advisors, and I realized how much we've been able to do in such a short period of time.

We've relaunched as a team (hey Kylie and Maddie!), I've delivered two keynotes, and a workshop (at Harvard!), we've been doing a huge amount of behind-the scenes action, we've planned and are close to executing Rupi's book tour stop + Q&A with me in a few weeks, and we've released eight vlogs, articles, and newsletters!


When we first started, as with many endeavours, the workload, and capacity we had as a team wasn't clear. I needed time to get clear about my mission and vision. And everyday I am getting closer and closer to what that is.

I call this newsletter "your weekly dose of inspiration", and I mean it. What's become abundantly clear to me is that I am on a mission to inspire. I want to create content that I wish I had when I was sick and at my lowest, I want to carve out a corner of the internet where we can imperfectly show up, and still be seen, heard, and reminded that we matter.

Because you do matter.

And it's about time someone said it aloud. Last week, my coach and I dove into this concept. The concept of mattering. One of my limiting beliefs is that I have no purpose, or no significance in the lives of the people around me. Last week, I was able to name and face that fear with lightness, I laughed so hard when Raz (my coach) and I were talking about it, because in that moment I felt the true and real absurdity of it.

How dare I think that I don't matter. How dare I think that what I've endured and survived doesn't matter. How dare I think that I have no significance when I am so deeply loved by so many people. I do a disservice to their love by thinking any less of myself.

That's what I want to remind you of today. You matter. To your family, your friends, your partner, to your dog. You matter to your colleagues, and you matter to your truest self. Your lived experiences matter so much.

And let's not forget that scientifically, you are by definition matter.

You are an incredible being, and the love you give is the love this world needs. It's the love that you'll ultimately receive a thousand fold.

I believe that totally and fully.

So yes, things were hella murky when we first started back up in September, and I'm sure many of you weren't sure what would be landing in your inbox every week, but this is what I know for sure: I only know how to give you exactly what I have to give -- what I mean by that is, my capacity for b/s is really low. So what you get here every week is exactly where I'm at, what I'm reflecting on, and learnings and growth that I hope will benefit you as well. It's also a total reflection of the amount of love I've been given in my life, and a lotta that love is coming from each of you. And for that, I thank you.

Tomorrow I'm off to New Orleans and LA for two conferences I registered for as gifts to myself earlier this year. I am ready to be inspired, so I can keep paying it forward.

Wish me luck!

Signing off, until next Tuesday at 9 am,

With love,


the vlog

Check out my keynote at Start-up Day on the Hill! I had a blast meeting so many inspirational entrepreneurs who are crushing it. Loved sharing my story with such an entrepreneurial audience.

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we're writing...

Welcome to part eight of a 20-part series we're publishing on Medium called, Your Moment of Ambition.

While we're totally amazed by the 1,200 women per day starting businesses in the US, we can often focus too heavily on that number, when women in countries that have been labelled 'developing' are actually starting businesses at higher rates than American and Canadian women. This week, we celebrate some of those entrepreneurs, and the women (like Mariama Camara!) who devote their lives to getting startup funding to them. 

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we're watching...

Anab Jain's TED Talk about the need to connect tangibly with our future selves and societies is so powerful -- her call to action energizes me to continue my mission of building a long-term legacy company.

"We have a chance to write ourselves into a future we want." 

Also, I was so moved by this interview with Selena Gomez and her best friend and kidney donor, Francia, who Selena says "saved her life".


we're reading...

  • We've all heard stats about the lack of girls' education worldwide, but what is there to actually do about it? Danai Gurira tells us where to start

  • Not entrepreneurship per se, but we're loving that for the first time ever, there's an Indigenous woman running for the President of Mexico
  • Proof that Western companies who try to exploit non-Western markets are increasingly irrelevant -- this is where female entrepreneurs around the world come in.
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Applying for this job at the New York Times, where they'll send you to 52 countries over the course of a year. The deadline is today! 



Sold Out: The Sun and Her Flowers with Komal Minhas

Renowned feminist author, poet, multi-media artist and genuine international phenomenon, Rupi Kaur joins me in Ottawa for the launch of her second book, 'the sun and her flowers'. Tickets are now sold out -- thank you so much for your support! 

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