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Hey guys,

Yesterday I did something I have never done before. I went out after the first snowfall of the year, and played in the snow with Mitch, and get this… I was happy about it.

I used to have a deep hatred for the winter months. Likely because of the sun setting at 4:30 pm, the cold, the lack of vitamin D — not to mention how sad I would get (thank you seasonal affective disorder). But this year, I hold an intention of enjoying this season. Of embracing hibernation, of buying some cross-country skis, and doing the one thing that had held me back from fully embracing winter: dressing for the weather.

You know, I realized something, going outside sucks when you don’t have the appropriate gear. So last night, I pulled out my Skida apparel (that I picked up in Vermont), donned my parka, and zipped up my insulated winter boots. We hung out outside for about an hour, and I was so joyful about it!

There’s a key to a full life here folks: preparation is a requirement of joy. Just as the winter months require us to dress to stay warm, our work and everyday lives require us to schedule and incorporate time for preparation.

I’ve noticed that areas where I am lacking preparation in my life are keeping me from fully enjoying life. My anxiety skyrockets when I’m about to take a stage unprepared, my mood changes when I eat food that I am sensitive to but choose to grab because I failed to prepare — the more we prep, the more we can be present in every moment of our lives.

What usually scares me about preparation is that I am afraid of my own potential. Humans have a tendency to self-sabotage, and I am not immune to this tendency. There are areas in my life that I want to be better in, but I’ve realized my lack of preparation is actually rooted in a deep fear of who I dream (and am destined) to become.

Being her might change my life too much, being her asks my current self to sacrifice too much, being her means that I won’t have any other excuses for not living the life of my dreams. But I have a feeling none of these excuses are true — they are ego rearing its head hoping I’ll stick to the status quo.

This is my call for preparation. I am committing to loving winter, to preparing appropriately to enjoy this season that can leave me feeling shitty. I also commit to showing up for myself more fully everyday and committing to preparing better for the things that I know will elevate me even more.

What we resist persists. But what we offer our time and attention to transforms for our benefit.

What are you hoping to improve in your life through preparation? Reply back with what’s on your mind (

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