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The holidays are here, as is my final newsletter of the year!

Wow. When Kylie and I embarked on this journey back in September, I wasn’t quite sure what would unfold. From keynotes, to workshops, to putting out more content in the last few months than I personally have in the last few years — 2017 has been incredibly fulfilling and a true reflection for me of what I can survive.

2017 encompassed (productivity-wise):

All this alongside hitting the lowest low of my life when I was struck with painful neurological illness, subsequently moving my life from New York City back to Canada, and finding my self, my health, and my voice again.

2017 made me decide and discover who I really am. It showed me that I truly am powerful beyond measure.

I’m giving myself a pat on the back for simply making it. Showing up for life every day is no small feat, and I want you to remember that. Life will always have highs and lows. It’s our job to make the most of all of it. To bask in the beautiful chaos of it, and to come out with deeply rooted love of self and those around us. To keep dreaming every single day.

I can honestly say there were moments this year when I didn’t think I could simply do life. Where I wished I didn’t have to wake up. But I did. I woke up every day. Through the shit and the light. 

I want you to know that you can do it to. You can make it through whatever that hard thing is that is on your mind today. You can survive your break-up. You can reconcile your life in the face of your illness. You can heal that relationship you want to be better. You can start that company you’ve always been afraid of building. You can. And if you decide to, you will. 

At the end of the day it’s up to you. The power of the human spirit is limitless. We can survive so much. We can let our trauma’s become the light that sustains others. The world needs more of this. It requires more courage, more grounded confidence. More of you.

If you need permission to make 2018 your year, take this as your green light. I would have no greater joy in the world than to see you rise, to see you unleash your light on this world.

Because you matter. Always. Especially on the days when you think you don’t.

So here’s to wrapping this year up with some moments of reflection and joy, of nostalgia and eggnog. Here’s to making the best of what’s left in 2017, and to making 2018 the year of you.

Ready? I sure as hell am.

Watch this space — we’ll be back in action Tuesday, Jan 9th. Until then, keep it classy my beautiful friends.

With love,


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  • Salma Hayek's "Harvey Weinstein is My Monster, Too". We can't stop thinking about all the beautiful, meaningfully representative films we could have seen all these years, films whose (female) creators couldn't break through Weinstein's evil. His influence (and the influence of men like him who have yet to be uncovered) is so far-reaching, and has impacted us culturally, without our knowing, for decades. It's mindblowing and heartbreaking. 
  • Who will mourn Teen Vogue? Just as the magazine was becoming more culturally relevant than ever (thanks to the fabulous Elaine Welteroth), Conde Nast decided to shut down its print version. 
  • 2017 may have been a disaster of a year politically, but it was a great year for television
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After a few months of travelling and event planning, Kylie and I are hunkering down to do the everyday work, and to plan for the impact we want to make in 2018. Stay tuned! 

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