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So, this week we have two important topics of conversation. Self promotion. And Harvey Weinstein.

Let's begin with Weinstein. The notorious abuser, womanizer, and stereotypical Hollywood (or any field for that matter) male executive who gets off on using his power to feed his ego, and to harm dozens of women.

I read the original piece in the Times, alongside multiple articles that get deeper and deeper into his abuses, and that show a pattern in how he chose the women he would abuse, and his tactics for manipulation and for getting them alone. He created an entire company built around protecting his reputation and enabling his behaviour for over 20 years and was supported by the film industry the whole time. His films have been nominated for over 300 Oscars, many of the films are likely some of your favourites (they are mine too). How eff-ed up does that feel? 

Yesterday, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, and other prominent actresses came out sharing their experiences with his harassment and assault. Twenty years ago, they had nowhere to go to report him without decimating their careers. One woman learned that even in 2015, with an undercover audio recording of him confessing his assaults, and with the support of the NYPD, it still wasn't enough to tarnish this Hollywood big wig.

But 2017 is different somehow. We have seen case after case of prominent man after man being outed, fired, and at times, taken to trial for their abuses. The timing for victims to be heard, supported, seen, and listened to is now.

So, what would happen if we enabled values-based people and organizations to lead society? What if we funded, invested in, and spent our money on content that is created by soulful, loving, grounded, whole humans? What if we shifted our current media (and societal paradigm), and supported people who weren't assholes?

Now is the time for women and men who hold great values and morals, and who choose not to harm others to be unabashedly seen in all their glory. Now is the time for women to lead the future of entertainment, and to create more of the experiences we consume. 

Last week when I witnessed my friend Rupi Kaur's theatrical release for her book in Tribeca, and felt the energy in that room of mostly female audience members feeling so seen, and having their lives and experiences mirrored to them, I knew I had a front seat to a social transformation. Creators like Rupi, Lilly Singh, Justin Baldoni, Issa Rae, Gina Rodriguez, Oprah, The Rock, and so many others are paving a path towards media we can be proud of consuming.

We represent the next wave of media makers, film producers, authors, poets, and entertainers that must be seen and heard from. It's time to support the self-promotion of people and brands that don't make us feel awful, and who aren't awful. People, products, and media that we can love consuming because we can love and support how they're made. Integrity must become a precursor to success.

Signing off until next Tuesday at 9 am.

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the vlog

Here's a look at my trip to New York City for my friend Rupi Kaur's book launch! She's been so successful at building an authentic, accessible and connected brand and it was amazing to experience that fully, and to support her launch in New York.

"We are on this ride together. We will build together, and we will rise together. Be unabashedly you, and put that shit (your art, what you are called to create) into the world. Consistently, over time." 



we're writing...

Welcome to part five of a 20-part series we're publishing on Medium called, Your Moment of Ambition.

This week, we're talking about self-promotion. As women, it can often feel unnatural or wrong to brag about our accomplishments. But the truth is, especially as a entrepreneurs, it's absolutely essential -- not to mention good for healthy levels of confidence. 

“We discourage women from being ambitious and so women run up against all kinds of barriers and disapproval when we advocate for ourselves. It’s a huge double standard that we face."

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we're watching...

What's your story? Your answer to this question is crucial to meaningful -- and effective -- self-promotion, according to the fantastic Tiffany Dufu


we're reading...

  • Let's watch Issa Rae build an empire, shall we? #selfpromotionistheonlypromotion
  • We can talk about self-promotion all we want, but what happens when the work you're promoting attracts outright sexism? We're nodding along to this piece about 'making while female.'
  • The Unapologetically Brown Series is a street art project that brings visibility to the important work women of colour have contributed to popular culture and to society. 
  • How the inimitable Rupi Kaur has built a literary movement by staying true to her value of accessibility (it features interviews done at her book launch, check out the vlog to see some behind-the-scenes action!). 
  • What happens when doing the work that feels most right to you means you get slapped with a less than reputable label (in this writer's case, it was "mommy blogger"). 
  • As a white man in the film industry, Harvey Weinstein's behaviour toward women never got in the way of his career, or his self-promotion -- until it couldn't be ignored any longer. His story is exemplary of the world we don't want to live in anymore, and why we're working toward one in which integrity and reputation are precursors to success. 

we recommend...

Today is National Coming Out Day! This week, we recommend checking out these resources compiled by the Human Rights Campaign. 

Sending love and admiration to anyone who's stepping into their truth today (and every day)!


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