Crazy Rich Asians & How To Navigate Rejection // What We're Reading & Watching

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Sunny Lenarduzzi's advice on navigating rejection and hateful comments. Sunny makes videos for content creators and entrepreneurs, but we think the advice in this video can help all of us through everyday rejection and roadblocks we find ourselves facing. 


• How Crazy Rich Asians is about to change Hollywood

"Few major studio productions explicitly aim to educate their audience, and non-Asian viewers going to this film may just want to see a glitzy rom-com. But many might walk out with a deeper understanding of the class gradations even just within Singaporean society, and the collectivist vs. individualist tensions found in many Asian families. And there’s no obvious stereotyping. For decades, female Asian actors have been asked to portray stereotypes like the vindictive dragon lady, the submissive China doll, the nerdy overachiever or the inert sex worker. Crazy Rich Asians avoids all of these, instead showing the nuances of Asian women’s experiences across generations."

• How Aretha Franklin became "an architect of the civil-rights movement as much as a witness to it."

• The largest urban eviction campaign in Canada is taking place right here in Ottawa. 

• What if all those inspirational quotes on your Instagram feed aren't actually BS? 

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