Mr. Kate Videos & Michelle Obama's Book Tour // What We're Reading & Watching

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I love watching Mr. Kate on YouTube when I just need to turn my brain off and get lost in some beautiful interior design. If you're having a week where you need a brain-break, check out her latest video! 

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• Michelle Obama's book tour is shaping up to be "Madonna Tour" proportions.

“It is not easy to tell somebody that you are worth a lot,” she said. “Especially for women. We have a hard time saying that about ourselves, that I know my worth and I can put a monetary number on it, too.”

• This group of incredible women ended ICE detention in Atlanta

• The story behind the mother-son duo who built their business from one selling soap on the streets of Harlem to Sundial, a multi-million dollar company that's partnered with Unilever and has household name brands under its umbrella. 

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