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As a serial entrepreneur, resilient thought leader, and acclaimed filmmaker, Komal's story is a testament to conquering adversity and unlocking untapped potential. With a diverse background spanning positive psychology, resilient leadership, and impactful storytelling, she's captivated audiences worldwide.

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Komal's transformative keynotes and workshops encompass powerful themes like boosting confidence, fostering wellness, and creating supportive communities.

Through her Roots of Resilience and Resilient Leadership frameworks, she empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive against all odds. 


From interviewing Michelle Obama and being named on Oprah’s Super Soul 100 for producing a documentary film about ambitious women founders, to surviving cancer and a neurological illness, I’ve made a lot of pivots and overcome many obstacles in building my career, life, and impact by building my own resiliency, and unleashing my true potential. 

I'm Komal

Hey there!

If you’re here, it means you have come across my story, impact, or the businesses I have built over the past decade. 

I empower individuals, teams, and organizations to cultivate resilience through my Roots of Resilience and Resilient Leadership frameworks, paving the way for lasting impact in their fields. I do this by motivating and empowering you to conquer challenges, identify your untapped potential, and achieve remarkable results by enhancing your self-efficacy.

As an interviewer, I've amplified the voices and ideas of burgeoning and influential leaders throughout my career because I believe change begins with increasing the visibility of those dedicated to revolutionizing their industries for the better so audiences can more deeply connect with the stories of people who look like them and dream like them.

Now it’s my mission to help you and your audience learn to do the same through research-backed approaches and impact-driven, actionable storytelling.

Elevate Your Event

Are you seeking to create an event that transcends the ordinary, leaving a lasting impact on your audience?

Komal's keynotes and workshops aren't confined to the event itself – they create a lasting impact, driving positive change and growth in both personal and professional spheres long after the event ends. Audiences will walk away with...

"Unparalleled Insight & Inspiration"

Komal's focus on building supportive communities will foster meaningful connections among attendees, creating a network of collaboration and growth that extends beyond the event.

Through her impactful insights, Komal will instill unwavering self-belief in your audience, encouraging them to step outside their comfort zones and achieve remarkable success.

Komal's Resilient Leadership framework equips leaders with actionable strategies to inspire teams, navigate challenges, and drive transformative change within their organizations.


Leadership Excellence

Boosted Confidence

Komal's personal journey and expertise will empower attendees to overcome challenges and adversities, inspiring them to cultivate resilience and emerge stronger than before.

Empowered Resilience


Choosing Komal Minhas as your keynote speaker isn't just about an event; it's about sparking a transformational journey for your audience. 


" Komal’s keynote speech at our team’s retreat was the highlight of the day. She was able to weave together so many meaningful themes – resilience, the importance of communities, showing up for oneself, overcoming the obstacles life throws at us – into a wonderful conversation that both inspired and created pause for reflection. 

As she led our team through a meditation, you could feel her positivity and generous spirit fill the room and connect with each participant. It was an honour and a privilege for our team to share this time with Komal – she set us up for a day of introspection and ambition.

- Global Affairs Canada

Director GENERAL


" [Komal's] emphasis on the importance of visibility, community, self-belief, and embracing risks left a lasting impression on everyone present. We are grateful for the valuable knowledge and motivation she shared during her speeches and panel discussions. 

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear Komal's inspiring speeches. She embodies the spirit of determination, resilience, and success, and her story serves as a shining example for all. Thank you, Komal, for sharing your empowering journey with us and for reminding us that we have the power to shape our own destinies.


- Hannah Vanek

Editor-in-Chief, 4GAMECHANGERS

Tranformative Themes

Boosting Confidence and Self-Efficacy

Believing that you can achieve even the most challenging goals.

Creating Supportive Communities

Building meaningful connections personally and professionally.

Balancing Work and Life

Establishing healthy boundaries.

Enhancing Productivity and Wellness

Crafting habits, routines, and practices for a more effective and fulfilling life.

Making an Impact on the World

Developing a plan to drive change while reconnecting with your identity and heritage.


With Komal as the host, you can trust that your event's schedule will run seamlessly. Her experience ensures smooth transitions, management of unexpected changes, and flawless event flow, enhancing the overall attendee experience.

Smooth Flow and Organization

Komal's impactful storytelling and resonant messaging align perfectly with your event's objectives. She effectively conveys key messages, values, and goals to the audience, leaving a lasting impression and ensuring the event's purpose is well-communicated.

Komal's diverse background in positive psychology, storytelling, and leadership equips her with a unique ability to connect with audiences from all corners of the world. Her global perspective ensures that her hosting transcends boundaries, resonating with a diverse range of attendees.

An Event Host
That Inspires

Elevating Your Message

Diverse and Global Perspective

By hiring Komal as your event host, you're not only ensuring a seamless and engaging event but also offering your audience an unforgettable experience that empowers, inspires, and resonates for years to come.




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"I can say without a doubt that Komal's speech is one of the best I've ever seen. She has incredible wisdom, expertise, humility, and compassion. Every single word galvanized us towards action."