Your self doubt is valid… 

When it’s showing up in spaces that weren’t built for you. 

Personal development often focuses on the individual and focusing on improving oneself. However, systemic oppression isn’t something that you can just work through with self help hacks and tools. It’s something that we all have to actively work against together. 

You could be experiencing self-doubt in the workplace if you are part of a minority group. How can you see a future for yourself in a workplace where systemic oppression exists? It’s a form of gaslighting that is affecting your self worth, and that is valid my friend. It is not your fault. 

If it needs to be named, name it. I promise it will make you feel the validation you so much deserve. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself if you are experiencing self-doubt in the workplace. 

  • Are you facing systems and spaces that are oppressing your identity and causing you to question yourself?

  • Are you seeing people that look like you at work? 

  • Have you experienced micro-aggressions and racism at work? 

  • How can you lean on your community at work, and outside of work to support you as you navigate things?

  • What are the right next steps for you as you face oppression-based challenges at work? Do you want to leave? If so, what might your next steps look like? If you stay, what would need to change and how could you advocate for that change?

Self doubt and limiting beliefs can stop us from doing the meaningful and impactful work that we are here to do. It’s important for us to acknowledge self doubt when it shows up for us, and check in with ourselves to explore where it’s coming from so we can best show up for ourselves and others. 

Remember to check in with yourself and tune into your body as you work through these questions. These topics can be hard to uncover and work through, and it’s important to take care of yourself as you do so. If you need rest, take it and refill your cup. 

If you are feeling self-doubt show up in other places in your life, check out this PDF my team put together on how you can manage various kinds of self-doubt in 5 steps.

Additionally, check out these resources carefully curated by thought leader, spiritual activist, and champion of Black and Indigenous womxn, Rachel Ricketts. Rachel has thoughtfully put together a list of anti-racism resources that include resources on healing for BIPOC folks on her website. Check out her offerings as well, she has amazing online courses on spiritual activism and working through grief for women of colour.

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