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Lessons Learned is podcast and community reflecting on the lessons we’ve learned, and those we’re still in the process of learning, and sometimes... unlearning.

This is the podcast I wish I had so many times throughout my life, a place for us to reflect, to be together, and to learn from one another. 

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Komal interviews therapist and boundaries expert, Minaa B. She teaches us to learn how to create strong boundaries and how to honour ourselves and those we love in the process. We also explore how to navigate boundaries with work, how to navigate the fear that can come when creating and sustaining boundaries.


Komal chats with best-selling author, speaker, and professional troublemaker, Luvvie Ajayi Jones. She shares with us the power of surrounding yourself with people who see the bigger you, how connecting to your identity is a superpower, and how you have permission to want more in your life and work.

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Komal talks to Deepica Mutyala, Founder of Live Tinted about redefining our relationship to work and success. Deepica shares her story of why she refused to buy into other people’s expectations for her life and career and the narrative that she couldn’t work and be well while building the career of her dreams.